Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking Into Fashion PR

The PR Guide Book Cover

For the aspiring fashion public relations people in the world, this book is a must-read! I am looking to break into this industry and I have/had so many questions: “What skills do I need? What path should I take to begin my own business?”, “How do I build connections?”, “Do I need to relocate to gain success?”

Well, Crosby Noricks, the creator of PR Couture, a website that “highlights the fashion PR profession and explores the role of public relations, marketing and social media in the fashion industry,” answers all of those questions – and more. With a simple Google search and $12, I received a great deal of information I needed about my career choice. Also, I took Noricks’ advice on building connections and tweeted her to tell her how much I enjoyed the book. She tweeted and graciously followed me back :)

Visit PR Couture to stay updated on the latest in fashion PR and to order Norick’s book.

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