Celebrating the Life of Selena Through Style

5d893cd5fa8432bd4f9c64ee7e049c92Today marks the 19-year anniversary of the death of Tejano songwriter, singer and entertainer, Selena Quintanilla. In such a short time, Selena made a huge impact on the world and captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. Aside from her remarkable beauty, amazing voice and heartfelt lyrics, one thing that people will not forget is her unique fashion sense.

Selena had a keen sense of style. She was a trendsetter. A woman ahead of her time. I loved her jeweled bustiers, high-waisted pants, chunky belts, waist chains and hats. I believe Selena would have built a fashion empire and been viewed by the world as a fashion icon.

Check out some of my favorite – and most memorable outfits worn by Selena.










RIP Flyer

My client, F.A.S.E., is searching for models of all heights, sizes, shapes and ethnicities in Chicago for their upcoming fashion show, “Runway in Paradise!”

See the flyer, above, for all the information about the casting. For the ladies that are auditioning, PLEASE bring high heels! Don’t be shy :) come out, bring your best style and runway strut! If this post does not reach you, pass it along to a friend!


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The Knowledge Behind the Nail…Color

Thanks to social media sites like Instagram & Twitter, Mondays are not just blah days for fashion & beauty lovers around the world. Now, Mondays have been coined: “Mani Mondays.”


In honor of the dope manicures around the world, I decided to spread a little background knowledge about one of the many things I love – NAIL COLOR!

After reading about the history of nail color, here are 5 fun facts about nail color:

  1. Nail polish & manicures date all the way back to 3200 B.C. by the Babylonians, Chinese & Egyptian dynasties.
  2. In Chinese culture, nail color symbolized social status – such as gold & silver. Or, dynasties dyed their nails to represent their signature color.
  3. Today, ingredients in nail polish are chemically-based. However, long ago, nail polish was composed of: beeswax, egg whites, Arabic gum & flower petals.
  4. After car paint was developed, in 1917, Cutex created the very first nail color.
  5. Nail color was widely worn by women & men. Today, in society, nail color is seen as a trend only worn by women.

Warby Parker’s Spring 2014 Collection


My good friends over at Warby Parker are warming things up for the upcoming season with their Spring Collection!

“For every frame of mind,” Warby Parker has introduced eight new shapes and six new colors to suit each one of your moods and looks.


Now, there are a few things that I enjoy about Warby Parker and their Spring Collection: they create simply chic and functional eye wear for men and women, the frames can be used for prescription or non-prescription lenses, the retro silhouettes, prints and colors – and, most of all, for every pair of frames sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need through their non-profit partners! How amazing is that?!

What is my favorite style from the collection? the Quimby sun frames! Take a look below at my favorite style and the other styles Warby Parker has to offer! Visit their website, www.warbyparker.com and follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @warbyparker

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My Valentine’s Day Playlist

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I decided to blog about it from a music perspective! As I was driving today and listening to different albums, I started to think about the many songs that talk about love and music videos that I enjoy watching. Below, is one of my favorite videos by R&B singer, Lloyd, for his song, “Cupid,” off his last album, King of Hearts. Love the video concept :)

Also, I listed 25 of my favorite love songs – past and present, to listen to for Valentine’s Day! (There’s a little bit of everything)! What are some of your favorite songs and videos?

Lloyd – “Cupid”

  1. LL Cool J – “I Need Love”
  2. 112 – Cupid
  3. Rihanna feat. Future – “Loveeeeee Song”
  4. Mario – “Let Me Love You”
  5. Beyoncé feat. Jay Z- “Drunk in Love”
  6. Guy – “Goodbye Love”
  7. Mobb Deep feat. 112 – “Hey Luv”
  8. Chris Brown – “Up 2 You”
  9. Ne-Yo – “Sexy Love”
  10. Guy – “Piece of My Love”
  11. Miguel – “Adorn”
  12. Monica – “A Dozen Roses”
  13. Common – “Love Is…”
  14. Alicia Keys – “Love Is My Disease”
  15. Christina Aguilera – “Loving Me 4 Me”
  16. Musiq Soulchild – “Love”
  17. Zhané “Sending My Love”
  18. Jagged Edge – “Gotta Be”
  19. Toni Braxton – “I Love Me Some Him”
  20. Mary J. Blige – “I’m in Love”
  21. Ciara – “Speechless”
  22. Keyshia Cole – “Long Way Down”
  23. Ashanti – “Love Again”
  24. Usher feat. Young Jeezy – “Love in the Club”
  25. Andre 3000 – “Prototype”

Say Hello to F.A.S.E

FASE LogoEarlier today, I officially welcomed and announced our firm’s new client, F.A.S.E.

F.A.S.E is an acronym for: Fashion. Awareness. Self-Identity. Education. Founded by Eric Williams and Diane Rutter, F.A.S.E is a business that is “dedicated to promoting and providing communities with knowledge of awareness and education opportunities through using fashion and self-expression as tools to achieve in every human endeavor.”

Founders of F.A.S.E: Diane Rutter (left) and Eric Williams (right)

Founders of F.A.S.E: Diane Rutter (left) and Eric Williams (right)

Although the business is Chicago-based, the founders of F.A.S.E strive to raise awareness on issues that affect people around the world on a daily basis, such as: breast cancer, violence, AIDS, and heart disease – just to scratch the surface. Not to mention, sharing video tutorials on the latest beauty and makeup trends or how to properly tie a bow tie, as well as look books showcasing the upcoming fashions in mens’ and womens’ clothing!

To learn more about F.A.S.E, the founders and all updates, visit their website: www.faseentertainment.com

Facebook: FASE Entertainment

Twitter: @faseENT


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Grammy Glam: Bob Cuts & Blonde Locks

Award Shows1

(l to r) Beyoncé, Ashanti, Rita Ora, Tamar Braxton, Ciara [Images: CelebBuzz]

This year’s Grammy awards was definitely a star-studded event! I saw many fashion and color trends and hair styles that caught my eye. Typically, what we see our favorite celeb rocking is what will be “in” for the upcoming season. I couldn’t help but to notice how many ladies opted for a mid-length to long, blonde bob haircut!

Beyoncé rocked a wet and wavy styled bob cut which gave her a little volume. Ashanti strutted the red carpet with a peek-a-boo side bang and soft tresses. Rita Ora turned heads with her platinum blonde, retro pin curls. Tamar “She” Braxton wore a rich, honey blonde, graduated bob cut. And, the beautiful Mommy-to-be, Ciara, gracefully flaunted her belly and bob with her wavy locks – which were pulled back for an elegant effect.

What hair color will you wear this season? Remember: when transitioning from your natural hair color to blonde, be sure to seek a professional hair stylist who can assist you with making the big change and give your hair the tender love and care it needs!